Our prayer command power when they are in line with the priorities that God has laid out for us to follow. We hit the bullseye when our priorities in prayer are according to the will of God. Learn what these priorities are and how to align your prayer life accordingly.


Prayer remains the route to commanding power as a child of God. If you are truly praying you will become a conduit for releasing the power of God. True prayer is, however, not just in the physical act of praying all the time or regularly, but in the answers that your prayers command every time. Contrary to what many believe, prayer was not instituted as a trial and error approach to securing answers from God. It was meant as a guaranteed means of getting answers. However, to get answers you must observe certain protocols. These protocols suggest that you must observe a ‘prayer priority list’ that is ordained by God. Praying contrary to the priority list remains the undoing of many Christians in the quest to secure power to bring about change and impact in their lives. BULLSEYE PRAYERS identifies the issues on that priority list and hopes that the prayer experience of the church will change as a result.


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