Until we understand that we can bank answers with God ahead of when our needs arise, we are failing to take full advantage of the power of prayer. Do you know that Jesus secured some specific blessings for us through His last set of prayers and they were answered? How have you been drawing on the ‘bank’ of answers that has become your heritage when you believed? If we understand banking prayers, we will enjoy a more fulfilling Christian walk. You should read this book of profound insights!

Banking prayers offers insight into a dimension of how prayers operate and what they are meant for, not typically appreciated by many children of God. Prayers operate according to the seedtime and harvest principle that remains the bedrock of how the world works. Unfortunately, most of us do not approach our prayer lives with this understanding. The quality of our lives is a function of the quality of our prayers. Much more, what we get at any point in life is the outcome of what we have sown in prayers much earlier. Until we learn to bank prayers continuously and consistently, focusing on kingdom issues instead of self-interest issues, our journey will remain rough and uncertain. We should expect no rain if we have not taken time to consciously fill up our clouds with prayers. Read to gain a deeper understanding of what you may have been missing in your walk in the faith.


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